Little Nest Portraits Swoops Into Charlotte, NC and Leesburg, VA

Hip hip hooray! We're spreading our wings even more here at Little Nest Portraits!

 the little nest leesburg team + owner/founder laura novak

the little nest leesburg team + owner/founder laura novak

Our Charlotte, NC and Leesburg, VA studios opened their doors to their local communities this past weekend, and we couldn't be more excited!

"I'm opening the doors to my very own Little Nest in just a few days and I woke up this morning feeling blessed! -- Leigh Cronin, Owner, Little Nest Portraits Leesburg
"I never thought I'd utter these words but I think I'm truly beginning to understand what it's like to 'cannot wait to wake up and start a new day'!" -- Indre Both, Owner, Little Nest Portraits Charlotte

Little Nest is also proud to announce the recent addition to our family -- who was our fifteenth franchisee to sign with us -- a new studio in Christiana, DE is coming in fall of 2017!

Thinking of owning a Little Nest Portraits in a town near you?

We're seeking additional creative women who want to open their very own Little Nest Portraits photography studio. You've probably already gathered that we're growing rapidly, and we only offer one studio per territory. If you've been thinking about opening a Little Nest in your town, don't wait! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of our success!

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At Little Nest Portraits, we've developed training, guidelines, and systems for each franchisee. It's all designed to help quickly get you from a mere dream to the joyful reality of being the owner of a growing photography studio.

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Why we're a female franchise that unapologetically caters to women

A few weeks ago, one of our studios received a call from a gentleman who was upset about an email campaign he'd received from us. He wasn't upset for the usual reasons people are when they receive emails from companies, such as repeatedly trying to opt-out or no recollection of ever subscribing in the first place.

Instead, he was upset that we sent a franchise email campaign for our female-owned franchise that had language geared toward women.  After he ranted and then hung up on one of our youngest female employees, she emailed her boss, who emailed our operations director, who forwarded the email to me.

Rather than just chuckle and move on, I realized I had something much bigger to say in response.

Here's an excerpt of what I shared with my Facebook community:

I'm not necessarily a "Girl Boss" or an advocate of "Leaning In" in every situation. Working outside the home is a very personal decision and how you choose the role you play in the household, as a woman, has to fit with your own personal style. Many of our owners use Little Nest as a way of re-entering the workforce after time at home. A considerable amount of our employees either stayed at home at a period in their lives, or are stay-at-home moms during the week and work at Little Nest on the weekends. Several others moved straight from an executive job to a role in our brand. Working outside or inside the home is never one-size-fits all.

The one thing I know to be universally true is that women who DO work outside the home need more safe options where they will be holistically supported. A place where there is no need to apologize if you have to pick up your kids or you'd like to take some time to have babies, get married and participate in important life activities. Where family comes first. Where if you are just having "a day," it's very normal to ask for a hug. 

One of my greatest life goals is to create a culture that is un-apologetically geared towards women, because women have so few options where it's permissible to show up as a whole person in the workforce. An environment we can talk about our fears, our dreams, and be our most authentic selves. Where we can rise and fall as a sisterhood, and know that while being a working mom, wife, daughter, sister is not always easy we always have one another to make the journey so much sweeter.

That post received over 200 likes and 50 comments.

Here are a few:

And a few more:

One of our franchisees shared this very thoughtful post in response:


So, I wish I knew who that man was who called to complain. Not because I want to publish his name. Not because I want to call him back and defend the words we use in our marketing. Not because I want to explain how we cater to women and because we're a female franchise with franchise locations all owned by women. 

Nope. I wish I knew who he was so I could send him flowers. He cast a light on why working women still need more support -- and his words prove we have more to do. It's the very reason why we joyfully get up and do what we do every day at Little Nest Portraits.

want to see what being part of an all-female franchise is like?

We welcome you to learn more about us and find out why so many women quit their jobs to be part of an unapologetically women-centered company.