Your Dream. Our Plan.

Happy. Joyful. Balanced. Living on purpose. This is some of what it feels like to be a Little Nest Portraits Studio Owner. We give you a proven formula to open and operate a family photography studio, while empowering you to be your own boss and live your entrepreneurial dreams.

The ideal owner is someone who:

  • Loves working in teams and being part of something great
  • Has experience managing others and loves to mentor & connect
  • Has an out-going & vibrant personality – enjoys networking or is active in the community
  • Is process oriented – loves to operate within proven systems and processes 
  • Organized, self-motivated, decisive, goal oriented, and confident
  • Has a passion for helping others and a strong customer service orientation
  • Wants to be part of a values-drive culture committed to living with purpose and serving families

Is this you?

“My kids are in school, and I'd like to re-enter the workforce but I want to do it my way.”
- Leigh Cronin, Ashburn, VA Studio Owner



HOW WE HELP: We are a company of moms, dedicated to helping other moms to live their passion while still maintaining a sane work-life balance. Our business is designed to accommodate family schedules and needs. We have a collaborative environment that is very supportive, making it a perfect way to re-enter the workforce for women like Leigh.

As a studio owner, operating under the Little Nest umbrella, you will have a lot of say in how your business runs. We are here to guide and support you as you grow. We have designed efficient processes & systems to help you manage your workload and keep things running smoothly at home as well as in your career.

“I would like to have an larger impact in my community and do something that contributes in a positive way.”
- Audrey Stackhouse
Collegeville, PA Studio Owner


HOW WE HELP: Little Nest is dedicated to the belief that strong community involvement is personally enriching, and integral to a successful business. We have many ways to help you create a community centered business.  Audrey came to use after years of traveling for work, wanting to focus on having a business that serves her local community.

As a member of the Little Nest Group, you will have the ability to champion a cause on a much bigger level, if you choose to do so. We love the idea of having studios around the country working together to support wonderful children & family focused charities & events. We know that as a group we can do so much more than we ever could as individuals. We have the power to make a positive impact on a larger scale.

“I have always wanted to start my own business or own my own studio, but never knew how to get started.”
- Brittany DeMaio
Monclair + Ridgewood, NJ owner


HOW WE HELP: Many people like Brittany dream about owning a creative business, but are deterred by not having any retail training or background. Our training systems and mentoring programs will give you the strong foundation you need to be successful. We will guide you on how to bring out your own creative side in planning events, displays, marketing plans, etc. while also teaching you how to mentor and manage your team of photographers.

Joining a franchise team with a proven success record gives you the foundation you need to get started. It gives you the support you need in order to run & grow your business successfully. It also provides ongoing opportunities for growth, leadership, and community involvement.